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Huda Beauty Founder Just Took a HUGE Step to Help Struggling Makeup Artists

The global health crisis we are facing today does not discriminate – rich or poor, men or women, young or old, we are all susceptible to contracting the new strain of coronavirus (Covid-19) that originated in Wuhan, China. It has affected almost every aspect of our lives, from health to education to employment and the economy.

No one can escape the wrath of this pandemic that has been wreaking havoc since December 2019, and as such, everyone needs to help each other at all costs. As per the World Health Organization, we need to stay home to self-quarantine and to distance ourselves away from other individuals, but that also means we can’t get to work.

The World Health Organization advised us to stay home

While some companies have offered to pay their employees’ full salaries for the duration of this pandemonium, there are some who relied on freelance work or gigs that are now left wondering where to get funds to put food on the table at this dire time.

Huda understands that some freelance makeup artists are struggling

Some makeup artists are taking the brunt of this crisis really hard, which is why Huda Beauty founder Huda Kattan is lending a hand to those in need in the beauty community. She recently announced that she will be giving $100,000 to those drastically affected and have no work as a result of this health problem.

The beauty guru plans to divide the sum to 100 makeup artists, which means each of them will receive $1,000. Huda encouraged her Instagram followers to tag those who may need help and explain why they chose the person.

Understanding the Situation

The 36-year-old revealed she has been worried so much about those who can’t earn at this time, which is why she wanted to give back to others. She also decided to aid makeup artists because that was how she started her now-successful beauty company and because she understands how tough it is for freelance workers.

Giving back to those struggling is hitting close to home for the entrepreneur because when she was just starting her brand in 2016, it was even hard to give herself a salary. She also couldn’t provide the wage of her staff so she had to sign sponsorship deals just to cover for that.

Beauty Brands Helping the Cause

Clarins will be giving sanitizer to medical frontliners

Huda Beauty joins other big beauty brands who decided to help those affected by the global health crisis. Clarins Group is giving away over 14,000 sanitizer bottles to French medical workers.

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