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Most Beautiful Athletes Today – How Much Are They Really Worth?

In the sports world, males are not the only ones who rule the industry, and some women have made their name in the industry through their own hard work. Today women two steps ahead of men.

However, being in sports requires regular training, exercise, and fitness, but our sportswomen are fit and beautiful. Being in the sports business is not a leisure activity, and women who made their sports career have maintained their beauty. Some women in the sports industry are too hot to handle and can be considered to try in the acting field—Let’s check out beautiful female athletes worldwide.

Antonija Misura- Basketball, Worth $5.5 Million

Antonijia Misura was born in Croatia and is best known for her sports as a basketball player. She has represented her national team in Mediterranean Games 2009, winning a bronze medal, Euro Basket Women 2011 with fifth place and tenth place in Olympic games 2012. She plays in the position of point guard and shooting guard and is popular for her aggressive style.

Misura is often described as the most beautiful sportswomen and has often refused modelling offers. In 2009 she was titled Miss Mediterranean Games with 80 accredited photographer polls from at least twenty-three countries. Misura’s beauty and looks have attracted much media attention.

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