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Wind Up Your Friends With These Witty & Harmless Pranks

Pranking your friends is not just about getting a laugh. It is an art form. A creative expression of humor that can strengthen bonds and create unforgettable memories. But remember, the golden rule of pranking is to keep it light, fun, and harmless.

Ready to become the master prankster in your circle? Let’s dive into some witty and harmless pranks that you can pull on your friends!

The Phantom Mouse

All you need for this harmless prank is tape and a computer mouse.

Put a small piece of tape over the sensor of your friend’s computer mouse. They will be baffled as to why their mouse is suddenly unresponsive. The best part? It is an easy fix with no harm done.

Kampus / Pexels / Sure! You are good to play around with your friends. But make sure your prank is harmless!

Chair Horn Surprise

You need an air horn, tape, and a chair. Secure an air horn under a chair, positioning it so that it sets off the horn when someone sits down.

The ensuing sound? It is loud, it is startling, and, above all, it is downright hilarious.

Autocorrect Shenanigans

You will need resources like access to your friend’s phone (with permission!) and a sense of wordplay. Temporarily hijack your friend’s phone and change some common words in the autocorrect settings. Swap “yes” with “no,” “hungry” with “sleepy,” or “work” with “penguin dance.”

Watch the hilarity ensue as their texts transform into nonsensical yet hilarious messages.

The Classic Fake Bug

For this prank, all you need is: Rubber bugs and strategic placement skills. This one never gets old. Plant a realistic-looking rubber bug in unexpected places – inside a book, on a pillow, or even in the refrigerator.

Pixabay / Pexels / There is nothing sweeter than scaring and shocking your mate with a fake plastic bug.

The key here is subtlety and surprise. Imagine your friend reaching for a midnight snack only to find a creepy crawler guarding the cheese!

Balloon Room Bonanza

Materials Needed: Balloons, lots of them, and stealth. While your friend is away, fill their room with balloons. The more, the merrier. Imagine their surprise when they open their door to a burst of colors.

You bet! It is visually spectacular and totally Instagram-worthy!

Sudsy Surprise

For this witty prank, all you need is a small piece of plastic wrap and a bathroom sink. Place the plastic wrap under the cap of your friend’s liquid soap dispenser. When they go to wash their hands, they will be puzzled why the soap just will not come out.

Kozik / Pexels / Cover the cap of your friend’s liquid soap dispenser with a wrap to pretend the soap is finished!

It is ideal when your mate has just bought a new sop. You see! It is simple, harmless, and bewildering.

Mirror Message Mayhem

Materials Needed: A non-permanent marker and a bathroom mirror. Write a funny message or draw a silly doodle on the bathroom mirror.

When your friend takes a shower, the steam will reveal your masterpiece. It is unexpected and sure to bring a smile to their face.

Fake App Update

Materials Needed: A screenshot of an app update screen + a friend’s phone. To execute this prank, take a screenshot of an app update screen and set it as the wallpaper on your friend’s phone.

Watch and enjoy as they repeatedly try to tap “update” to no avail.

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