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Woman Woke up to Discover That Her ‘Tiny’ Pet Goldfish Had Turned into a Monster

Imagine your beloved pet turning into a blood-thirsty monster overnight: sounds like a scene from a horror film, doesn’t it? But for one woman, this became the reality when her tiny goldfish transformed into something unimaginable.

This woman couldn’t believe it when her tiny goldfish transformed into something unimaginable

However, her latest addition to the fish family didn’t exactly go as planned. In July 2018, Miller set out on a hunt for a new pet and found the perfect goldfish to add to her tank.

Little did she know that the new fish would become problematic for her and the rest of her tankmates. Miller recalls that she first met her pet goldfish, Gerald, at a carnival, and the 2-inch fish instantly won her heart.

However, the man who sold it to her didn’t tell her the entire truth about Gerald, who at the time, was just a guppy.

As days went by, Gerald started becoming bigger in size

After bringing it home, Miller let Gerald mingle with the rest of the fish in the tank. As days went by, Gerald started becoming bigger in size. Miller didn’t know what to make of it as she thought that the goldfish was already a standard size.

But her new pet kept on growing in size until the tank was simply not big enough for him. But then Gerald became Miller’s worst nightmare when he ate all his tankmates. The flesh-hungry fish had to be taken out and transferred to a bigger tank, but he quickly outgrew his new home as well.

So far, Gerald has cost his owner over $1,300 for replacing two tanks, and he has to be kept isolated because of the fear that he might eat all the fish around him.

Miller says that her pet was smaller than 2 inches when she first brought him home hence he was a perfect fit for her tank… or so she thought.

Miller says that her pet was smaller than 2 inches when she first brought him home

But as Gerald kept getting bigger and bigger over time, his appetite also started growing. On a regular day, he can get through 4 to 5 meals, and if not fed on time, he even tries to knock against the glass or jump out of the water to get his owner’s attention.

There have been times when Gerald ate his tank mates simply out of boredom or hunger. For now, he has a big tank to himself, but it will not be long before he will have to be moved to a bigger home due to his growing size.

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