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Gourmet on a Budget: 5 Quick and Easy Breakfasts That Are Not Cereal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why a simple and filling meal should replace cereals, which aren’t just too boring to eat, but may also lack nutrition. It may be easy to pour yourself refrigerated milk and add the ready-to-eat traditional food but have you noticed how fast you get hungry just a few hours later?

Clinical nutritionist Juli Keene advised against consuming cereal in the mornings and said that there are many reasons why it isn’t the ideal meal to jumpstart your day. In fact, because of its carbohydrates content and the lack of protein, it could leave you feeling deprived of energy – but fret not, here are things that can replace cereal:

Meat or Egg with Fruits

To kick off your day, consume meat like bacon or turkey and pair it with fruits like one cup of berries. You can also ditch the meat and replace it with a hard-boiled egg, which will also provide protein.

Pair bacon with fruits

Just make sure that the fruit of your choice to pair the egg with is heavy, meaning it has complex carbohydrates which will help keep the cravings at bay. You don’t want to munch on an unhealthy snack before lunchtime, right?

Scrambled Egg with Veggies

You can also cook scrambled eggs and toss vegetables like spinach along the way. This recipe is perfect for busy bees because it will only take a few minutes and you can make it in advance.


Our hectic schedules may be what’s hindering us from adhering to a healthy diet but don’t use this as an excuse to eat cereals in the morning. You can prepare breakfast food during weekends, like healthy muffins that are so easy to make.

Mix vegetables and eggs in a bowl and pour into a muffin tin. After baking, cool them down and freeze them so that you can just reheat a few pieces in the morning before heading to work.


Another recipe to whip up ahead of time are breakfast soups, which would be great in cold mornings. The good news is that you can adjust the taste based on your preference – if you want something sweet or salty or spicy, it would entirely be up to you.

Soups are very versatile and can be adjusted to your preference

Soups are relatively easy to cook and you can add different ingredients to make up for your protein, fats, and carbs requirement.

Protein Shake

There’s a growing number of supporters of protein shakes and that’s because it provides a significant amount of the nutrient. This is especially helpful for people who don’t like eating meat early in the morning.

Protein shakes will not require cooking

Depending on your program, there are organic, plant-based ones that are readily available in supermarkets. Pop in fresh fruits or fibrous vegetables and add almond milk, the expert suggested.

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